Health Benefits
Risk Management
and Administration

Covenant Administrators is dedicated to providing our customers with the most flexible and comprehensive reporting and plan management tools available today.

The plan management tools offered by Covenant Administrators include:

  • HR Benefit Center – Employer Online Community. This functionality will allow our clients to access a number of administrative tools and reports that make it easy to manage their employee benefits program. Our interactive tools make it easy to:

    • Access monthly billing report summaries
    • Examine payment vouchers and check registers
    • Submit online enrollment updates
    • Online Customer Service
    • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting
    • Review Eligibility Information
    • Print temporary ID Cards for plan members
    • View Flex account balances and payments
    • View Plan Documents and Plan Amendments

  • My Benefits – Member Services Community. We offer a full range of member support both online and through our toll free Customer Service Center. It is our goal to provide our members with options in retrieving information to help them better understand their healthcare benefits and to provide answers to your service questions. Our interactive tools make it easy for plan members to access:

    • Benefit Plan Information
    • Claims Information regarding status of processing and payment
    • Eligibility Information
    • Flexible Spending Account Information
    • Access to Forms & Documents
    • Online Customer Servicen

  • Provider Portal – Information is easy accessed by a provider concerning coverage information for a plan member. Our interactive tools allow providers to:

    • View claim status
    • Verify member eligibility
    • Display benefit plan details
    • Submit NPI number(s)