Covenant Administrators’ Jim F. Ballew speaks on the value of forging strong business relationships.

In our wired world, it’s easy to lose sight of the personal relationships that drive business.

But Jim F. Ballew, President and CEO of Covenant Administrators, is reminded of the value of forming such strategic alliances every day.

“Our brokers are our lifeblood, and forging mutually beneficial relationships with them is essential to our collective success. We also work closely with all our customers to understand and respond to their unique needs,” he said.

When Ballew didn’t feel he was getting that same level of service from his bank, he knew it was time to make a switch. He also needed a financial partner with whom he could develop a cohesive, strategy for the entire Covenant Administrators family of businesses.

“First Citizens is progressive, customer-centric, and strategic. That approach was just what we needed.”

Ballew also found the products and services that were right for his business.

“Our First Citizens relationship manager is a true business partner with whom we meet regularly and who we involve in strategic decision making,” he said.